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At City Facial Plastics, our goal is to help patients feel confident in their appearance. Dr. Gary Linkov and his highly trained team will help you find the best version of yourself. We use cutting-edge techniques and technology for your lip augmentation to ensure every patient obtains stunning, natural-looking results. This includes the new Elelyft procedure.

Dr. Gary Linkov trademarked the Elelyft procedure, which is a unique facial plastic surgery that helps create extraordinary, yet natural-looking results by lifting the upper lip and creating facial symmetry.

The outcome after using Elelyft is so impressive, your friends and family members will be amazed at how great you look!

A Cutting-Edge Approach to The Upper Lip Lift

The Elelyft procedure is a brand-new method that lifts the upper lip. The Elelyft procedure draws on both older and newer concepts while adapting to each person’s unique features and desired outcome.

The upper lip lift has been around for some time and has often been requested by older patients looking for a lift after the inevitable effects of gravity and time. But now, the upper lip lift procedure is popular among all ages.

The Elelyft—Dr. Gary Linkov’s unique approach to the upper lip lift procedure—only requires a local anesthetic and leaves patients with more prominent and enhanced lips.

Are you interested in an upper lip lift? Contact the team at City Facial Plastics today. We’d love to tell you more about this procedure and answer any questions you might have.

The Elelyft Process

The upper lip lift starts with a very meticulous marking and temporary skin staining to ensure the most accurate measurements and precision for closure. Dr. Gary Linkov may spend 20 to 30 minutes in this step to make sure the markings are as carefully done as possible, since this is what will guide him through the process.

Once the marking is complete, Dr. Linkov will show the patient to make sure they are also happy with the markings and symmetry.

Once the patient approves the facial markings, Dr. Gary Linkov will move forward with local anesthesia to numb the upper lip so the rest of the procedure can be easily tolerated.

During the finishing touches of the surgery, there will be a sufficient release of tissues to provide a tension-free closure. The sutures used during the closure are strong enough to quickly heal the wound while also minimizing any scarring.

The Elelyft procedure respects the transition zone between the nose and the upper lip. Selecting the optimal amount of skin to remove is based on a unique set of parameters, taking into account the patient’s wishes and also establishing harmony for the oral complex and overall facial anatomy.

The Elelyft Produces Optimal Cosmetic Results

The goal of the Elelyft procedure is to balance the face by shortening the philtrum. This upper lip lift can help align your nose and upper lip.

You will also notice that the lip is lifted and pulled back rather than projected forward, which can be the case with other facial augmentation procedures.

Our facial plastic surgery team takes the time to listen to each of our patients and fully understand their goals.

What Does Recovery Look Like After Elelyft?

What makes the Elelyft so unique is it can be performed under local anesthesia, which offers a faster recovery time than a general anesthetic. For most patients, there may still be some redness at six weeks, but the initial downtime is only seven to ten days for the recovery period.

No matter how old you are, the Elelyft can help counter the unavoidable effects of gravity and time. Patients can expect to look more refreshed and rejuvenated with Dr. Gary Linkov’s trusted upper lip lift procedure.

Are you ready to learn more about Elelyft? Contact the team at City Facial Plastics today. We would love to tell you more about this procedure and answer any questions you might have!

What Dr. Linkov's Patients Say
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Alla K.

Dr. Linkov is really good and so easy to talk to, thank you!

Tyler D.

Thank you so much for your time, Dr. Linkov, appreciate the extra attention!

Elizabeth G.

Everything you would want in a physician - extremely thorough, thoughtful, intelligent, a great listener, and pays extreme attention to detail.

Carolina F.

Dr. Linkov is the best!!! He is extremely professional and knowledgeable!!! I recommend Dr. Linkov 100%.

Alex S.

Dr. Gary is a true professional with great eye and bedside manner. He’s the one I refer my family, patients and friends to.

Suzy S.

Highly recommend! Dr. Gary helped me with painful lip scar tissue after an accidental fall a year earlier. I’ve known Gary for 20 years and since the first day knowing him he’s grown as a medical professional with an innate sense of detail and kind demeanor. Excellent client follow up and post treatment care.

Marina S.

Dr. Gary is a fantastic NYC plastic surgeon who treats me and to whom I would recommend all my friends and family. He has a very conservative approach to fillers and I was extremely impressed with the way he filled my nasolabial lines that had been bothering me for years. It was painless, and I did not experience any bruising at all. Getting this done gave me so much confidence - I wish I worked with him years ago!

Rachel G.

Wow is all I can say! Fantastic doctor that gives you an extremely pleasant, professional, and realistic experience. Would highly recommend and give 6 stars if I could.