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Facial Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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Facial reconstructive surgery is often necessary to restore function and the framework of facial features. To ensure that facial appearance is also restored, it requires the expertise of a skilled facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Gary Linkov. City Facial Plastics, located in Midtown, Manhattan, offers exceptional facial reconstructive surgery for those who have suffered damage to their facial tissues.

Facial Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
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What Is Facial Reconstructive Surgery?

Facial reconstructive surgery employs the latest facial surgical techniques and technology to rebuild that which has been altered over time or poorly formed from the beginning. Children and adults may be candidates for cosmetic facial reconstruction surgery. Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery shares some similarities with facial cosmetic surgery in that the goal with any facial repair is to maintain ideal aesthetic principles whenever possible. Though, with this type of surgery, the emphasis is on rebuilding lost function first and foremost.

The face holds the power to influence how we perceive ourselves and how others view us. Not only does the face play a role in how we look but also in the way we see, eat, breath, feel, and express ourselves. Various conditions can alter the face, such as: congenital defects, trauma, infection, inflammation, cancer, burns. Many people choose to have facial reconstructive surgery to correct the effects of these conditions, in order to lift their spirit and re-engage in basic human functions.

What Are the Types of Facial Reconstructive Surgery?

There is a wide range of procedures that fall under the umbrella of facial reconstructive surgery, including:

  • Functional rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery – The nose is important for breathing and correction involves often addressing the septum, internal and external nasal valves.
  • Cancer reconstruction – Cancer can ravish any facial feature which requires complete removal of cancer followed by plastic surgery facial reconstruction.
  • Tissue expansion – A useful technique that involves placing a temporary implant to stretch the skin, which can then be used to cover a defect. One application is for scalp reconstruction.
  • Free flap reconstruction – Closing a large hole in the face may not be possible with a local or regional flap and sometimes requires bringing in tissue from another part of the body using microvascular free flap reconstruction. Blood vessels are carefully realigned in the new location.
  • Mohs surgery repair – Smaller skin cancers removed by a dermatologist can be closed in a way that leaves behind little to no sign of the original defect.
  • Auricular (ear) reconstruction – Whether from cancer or a dog bite, the ear requires an approach that respects symmetry to the other side and function – as the outer ear serves as a funnel to bring sound into deeper parts of the ear.
  • Lip reconstruction – The most critical feature of lip reconstruction is the vermillion border, which needs to be well approximated to yield an acceptable appearance once healed.
  • Eyelid reconstruction – With the ability to poorly affect vision and tear management, careful reconstructive techniques must be utilized.
  • Facial paralysis surgery – Cancer, infection, or trauma can paralyze part of or the entire side of the face leading to dry eye, oral incompetence and a crippling appearance. Surgery can either pull up the droopy tissues or rebuild the connections to the nerve, allowing it to once again control the facial muscles.
  • Facial transplantation – In severe traumas, major portions of the face may be missing and repair sometimes requires repurposing the face of a recently deceased donor to offer a patient an opportunity to reintegrate into society.
  • Soft tissue injury repair – Basic principles are adhered to for cleaning and repairing soft tissue injuries on the face.
  • Facial fracture repair – Broken bones on the face can sometimes be allowed to heal on their own and other times require plates and screws to fix back into position.
  • Cleft lip repair – Cleft birth defects are best treated starting at a very early age, with numerous additional procedures planned throughout early life to improve results.
  • Orthognathic surgery – The upper or lower jaw may need to be repositioned for better dental alignment and improved facial proportions.
  • Vascular anomaly repair – Vascular tumors and vascular malformations may impact the face and often require a combination of treatment modalities, sometimes including surgery.

I searched high and low for a doctor such as Dr. Linkov! When I came in for my consultation, he was gentle, meticulous, and he genuinely cared about my opinion and desires for my procedure. Despite being told by a different facial surgeon that I would not be a good candidate, Dr. Linkov reassured my fears. He is very respectful and I have recommended him to multiple friends. I will definitely come back again in the future for another procedure! Thank you and your team Dr Linkov!!!!

What Types of Damages Can Be Fixed With Surgical Face and Neck Reconstruction?

If you have suffered an injury to your face, it is impossible to hide. An auto accident or other trauma may fracture bones, damage cartilage and lacerate the skin. While a doctor or orthopedic surgeon treats many types of issues that cause facial damage, they do not necessarily possess the skill to restore a natural, pleasing appearance to the face.

Dr. Linkov’s experience and skill as a facial reconstruction doctor in New York helps patients with the following types of face and neck damage:

What Is the Recovery From Facial Reconstructive Surgery in Manhattan, NY?

Most facial plastic and reconstructive surgery involves some degree of pain, bruising, swelling, and bleeding in the initial recovery phase lasting 1-2 weeks. Sutures are often placed and may need to be removed at 5-10 days after surgery, depending on suture type and location on the face.

Dressing and bolsters are frequently used to support skin flaps or other repairs. Specific instructions on facial reconstruction surgery recovery time will be provided to you by an experienced facial plastic surgeon in NYC, Dr. Linkov, depending on which exact procedure(s) you undergo.

What Are the Risks and Complications of Facial Reconstructive Surgery?

Risks and complications are specific to each type of surgery, but a general summary for facial reconstructive surgery complications is outlined below:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Nerve injury
  • Poor scarring
  • Poor aesthetic outcome
  • Vision changes
  • Need for revision surgery

Are Patients Satisfied After Facial Reconstructive Surgery?

Given the psychologically challenging facial conditions that are treated, most patients are grateful and happy after facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. That being said, most facial reconstructive surgery doctors involve a gradual recovery process and patience is necessary until the final result is achieved.

Who Is the Best Facial Reconstructive Surgeon in NYC?

Patients often search for the best facial plastic surgeons. Dr. Gary Linkov is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Manhattan, NYC specializing in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Linkov, as the professional facial plastic surgeon, is a specialist with extensive experience treating all conditions of the face, including those that have been previously operated.

He is the Chief of Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery for the Veterans Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, where he operates on complex deformities on our country’s veterans. Dr. Linkov’s private practice in Manhattan’s Upper East Side focuses on facial cosmetic and functional surgery. You can view facial reconstruction surgery before and after photos of Dr. Linkov’s patients below:

Facial Reconstructive Surgery Before and After

If you have scars or injuries to your face that have changed your appearance, contact City Facial Plastics reconstructive surgery clinic in UES, Manhattan today. We will schedule a consultation with a top-rated facial plastic surgeon in New York City, Dr. Linkov to discuss options for repairing facial damage to restore the aesthetics of your face. Reconstructive facial plastic surgery can give you back your self-confidence and help you look like yourself again.

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I searched high and low for a doctor such as Dr. Linkov! When I came in for my consultation, he was gentle, meticulous, and he genuinely cared about my opinion and desires for my procedure. Despite being told by a different facial surgeon that I would not be a good candidate, Dr. Linkov reassured my fears. He is very respectful and I have recommended him to multiple friends. I will definitely come back again in the future for another procedure! Thank you and your team Dr Linkov!!!!

Dr. Gary Linkov, MD

Dr. Linkov is a double board-certified by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. A native of New York, Dr. Linkov graduated as a salutatorian from Cornell University and received his Medical Degree at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Linkov conducted advanced head and neck cancer research at the world-renowned Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Linkov is a former Adjunct Assistant Professor at New York University (NYU), where he taught Rhinoplasty.

Dr. Linkov is a top-rated facial plastic surgeon in New York who specializes in lip lift, facelift, rhinoplasty, and hair transplant. He has been named one of the top 5 lip lift surgeons in the United States, is listed in the prestigious SuperDoctors New York™ registry, and has appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, where he discussed the state-of-the-art hair transplantation procedure.

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