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Burn Injuries

Severe burns can impact skin, fat, muscle and bone, requiring extensive medical care for recovery. When burns occur on the face, the damage to the individual’s appearance can be life altering. While medical treatment can heal the burn, it does not restore the aesthetics of the face. Dr. Gary Linkov at City Facial Plastic in NYC is a skilled facial reconstructive plastic surgeon who helps facial burn victims restore beauty to their face.

Page Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Burns cause more than just scarring of the skin. Deep facial burns remove fat, muscle and tissue, changing the shape of the face and facial features. While surface burn scars can be faded with cosmetic treatments such as laser therapy, deeper damage from burn injuries may require reconstructive surgery.

Skin Grafting and Tissue Reconstruction

When tissue and skin is lost from a facial burn injury, it may require replacing the lost tissue to restore the facial appearance. At our facial plastics surgery clinic, Dr. Linkov uses advanced surgical techniques to reconstruct facial features that have been disfigured by burn injuries. This may include use of cartilage, muscle or skin grafting to restore the lost tissue and reform the face. His skills as both a surgeon and facial artist can create natural, beautiful results to give burn victims back confidence in their appearance.

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Burn injuries are one of the most challenging types of trauma to the face. It requires skill and expertise to effectively restore aesthetics to the face after a severe burn. Plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Linkov, MD has extensive experience in facial reconstruction, giving those with facial burn injuries a chance to improve their appearance and move on with their life.

To learn more about facial reconstructive options available for recovering from a severe burn injury, contact City Facial Plastics in Manhattan today. We will schedule a consultation with Dr. Linkov to discuss your options for facial burn treatment.


My consultation, visit and procedure with Dr. Linkov was excellent from start to finish. What a great experience; as a first timer for an elective treatment I was very nervous. Dr. Linkov and his office assistant Bianca were just wonderful, warm, patient and very informative. Dr. Linkov is extremely knowledgeable and really takes the time to review all treatment options. I felt at ease and confident I was receiving excellent care. I have healed beautifully since the procedure due to his meticulous attention to detail. Absolutely no issues post treatment. Dr. Linkov even called personally to check up the day after my procedure. I was very impressed by the overall experience at Dr. Linkov’s office. I would highly recommend Dr. Linkov! Thank you so much Dr. Linkov! Also a special thank you to Bianca his office assistant I appreciate your quick replies to my emails and always greeting me with a smile. I will definitely return!
Kim Cordero

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