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Throughout the ages, people have been attracted to full, voluptuous lips. You only have to look at paintings and sculptures from ages ago to understand the impact well-formed lips have on the observer.

Modern technology provides surgical and non-surgical means to achieve this look when your lips do not have the appeal you desire. Thanks to these techniques, the appearance of your smile and fullness of your lips can be enhanced with minimally invasive procedures.

Dr. Gary Linkov has extensive experience in both the lip lift procedure and lip lift revision surgery. He is known for his artistic skill, which results in aesthetically superior results for his patients. His attention to detail and the artistic nuance required to produce optimal results are unrivaled.

A lip lift is a fairly simple process that delivers the desired results after the patient has had sufficient time to heal. There are situations, however, when the procedure is not as effective as the patient would like. In some cases, time and circumstances, such as aging, may cause a lip lift patient to request a lip lift revision to restore the desired appearance.

To illustrate, when the space between the bottom of the nose and top of the upper lip, or vermilion, becomes elongated, you may look older. The upper lip may also grow thinner and begin to flatten. These changes in appearance are due to the aging process.

Lip lift revision requires not only the artistic skills of an experienced plastic surgeon but also the ability to successfully create a balance between lip proportions and other features of the face. Dr. Linkov has the expertise and skill to provide a lip lift revision that restores balance and provides the appealing, youthful look you desire.

A natural appearance is the goal of every lip lift procedure. Additionally, the lip must remain flexible and soft so you can chew, speak and smile with ease. With expert skill, Dr. Linkov uses advanced techniques to achieve optimal results. Your natural appearance will be maintained while your lips are enhanced, and previous lip lift issues are corrected.

What Is Lip Lift Revision?

Lip lift revision is a surgery that is aimed at improving the cosmesis of the lip, smile, and or scar in people who have previously received lip lift surgery. After a lip lift, there is a change in the architecture of the lip as well as scar formation in the area where the incision was made, which makes lip lift revision surgery more technically challenging than an initial lip lift.

People who have undergone a lip lift but are unhappy with results may be appropriate for lip lift revision surgery. While there are many different, specific reasons people may desire lip lift revision, in general the goal is to improve the cosmetic appearance of the lip and surrounding area such that a person is more satisfied and feels more confident about his or her results.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Lip Lift Revision?

You may be a candidate for a lip lift revision if you have undergone a lip lift and desire one of the following:

  • Larger upper lip
  • Shorter philtrum
  • Greater teeth show
  • More symmetry of the lips and mouth
  • Smaller or less noticeable scar

How Is Lip Lift Revision Done?

The steps of lip lift revision surgery vary based on the reason for the lip lift revision. If the goal of lip lift revision surgery is to create a larger upper lip, shorter philtrum, or greater teeth show, then the steps are similar to the initial lip lift surgery. If the goal of the lip lift revision surgery is to increase facial symmetry or decrease scar appearance, then the surgery is tailored to meet the individual’s specific needs.

What Is the Recovery From Lip Lift Revision?

Recovery from lip lift revision is similar to initial lip lift surgery. There is a short-term recovery phase that occurs in the first several days to weeks after surgery; it is typical to experience redness, bruising, and swelling during this phase. Sometimes this can be more pronounced during a revision lip lift compared to primary lip lift. This is followed by a long-term recovery phase which lasts weeks to months after surgery, where the redness, bruising, and swelling resolves and the scar matures. Final results can be seen 1 year after surgery.

What Are the Risks and Complications of Lip Lift Revision?

Risks and complications of lip lift revision are similar to lip lift surgery. These include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Poor scarring
  • Loss of sensation
  • Asymmetry
  • Changes to the nose
  • Undesirable aesthetic outcome

Are Patients Satisfied After Lip Lift Revision?

Patients are very satisfied after lip lift revision surgery. Dr. Linkov discusses the areas of concern in great detail and individualizes each lip lift revision surgery according to the needs and preferences of each patient. As a result, patients feel much more confident in their appearance after lip lift revision.

What Is the Cost of Lip Lift Revision?

The price of lip lift revision surgery varies on a case-by-case basis. As lip lift revision surgery is more complex than initial lip lift, the price of lip lift revision is typically higher than a lip lift surgery. In Dr. Linkov’s practice, the cost of lip lift revision surgery generally starts at $4000.

Who Is the Best Lip Lift Revision Surgeon in NYC?

Dr. Linkov is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with extensive experience in both lip lift and lip lift revision surgery. He has cared for patients from all over the world who had previously undergone lip lift surgery and were unhappy with the results. To view some of his patients’ before and after photos of lip lift revision surgery, please see the images below.

Lip Lift Revision Before and After

Lip Lift Scar Repair

Scar tissue can result from most surgeries, including lip lifts. Occasionally, a lip lift procedure will heal with evidence of the surgery left behind in the form of an unsightly scar. Often these scars are virtually unnoticeable, except to the patient. Some are more apparent and can cause a person to become self-conscious.

When undergoing cosmetic surgery, it is necessary to have realistic expectations regarding the outcome. Most surgeries will leave some scarring that is within acceptable limits in most cases, and particularly where facial plastic surgery is concerned. This includes lip lift procedures; but when the scarring is very noticeable, surgery to repair the scar may be advised.

The lip lift procedure may result in numbness and stiffness along with scarring. In some cases, there may be a slight change in the nostril position. Reversing these issues can usually be achieved with repair surgery. Dr. Linkov will consult with you regarding your repair surgery, so you will know what to expect in terms of recovery and healing.

Of all the facial plastic surgery procedures available, lip shaping is one of the most challenging due to the many facial muscles involved in moving the lips. The measurements required to produce the desired results with lip shaping make the procedure similar to microsurgery. Dr. Linkov has perfected the surgery with his skill and expertise.

Schedule a lip consultation with Dr. Linkov for more information about lip lift revision and scar repair. Our office is located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Restore your beautiful smile at City Facial Plastics.

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Alla K.

Dr. Linkov is really good and so easy to talk to, thank you!

Tyler D.

Thank you so much for your time, Dr. Linkov, appreciate the extra attention!

Elizabeth G.

Everything you would want in a physician - extremely thorough, thoughtful, intelligent, a great listener, and pays extreme attention to detail.

Carolina F.

Dr. Linkov is the best!!! He is extremely professional and knowledgeable!!! I recommend Dr. Linkov 100%.

Alex S.

Dr. Gary is a true professional with great eye and bedside manner. He’s the one I refer my family, patients and friends to.

Suzy S.

Highly recommend! Dr. Gary helped me with painful lip scar tissue after an accidental fall a year earlier. I’ve known Gary for 20 years and since the first day knowing him he’s grown as a medical professional with an innate sense of detail and kind demeanor. Excellent client follow up and post treatment care.

Marina S.

Dr. Gary is a fantastic NYC plastic surgeon who treats me and to whom I would recommend all my friends and family. He has a very conservative approach to fillers and I was extremely impressed with the way he filled my nasolabial lines that had been bothering me for years. It was painless, and I did not experience any bruising at all. Getting this done gave me so much confidence - I wish I worked with him years ago!

Rachel G.

Wow is all I can say! Fantastic doctor that gives you an extremely pleasant, professional, and realistic experience. Would highly recommend and give 6 stars if I could.