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Eyelid Lift

Do you see pictures of yourself looking sad or tired even during happy occasions? Are there bags under your eyes, or do your upper eyelids look heavy? Aging of the eyes is common. The delicate skin on the lower and upper eyelids are prone to sagging, and they are one of the first areas of the face to show aging. City Facial Plastics in NYC offers eyelid lifts to rejuvenate the appearance of the eyes for a happier, younger and energetic look.

Page Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The upper eyelid can become saggy and droopy with age. The skin may stretch and become thinner, folding down and creating heavy upper eyelids. Your eyes look smaller, tired and even “lazy” when the upper eyelid droops. An upper eyelid lift uses microliposuction to remove fat from under the skin. Small incisions are used to remove excess skin and elevate the entire lid. This can open the eyes for a more youthful, alert appearance.

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Remove Eye Bags with a Lower Eyelid Lift

Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes are signs of exhaustion. When the skin on the lower eyelid loses elasticity, eye bags form and make you look tired, regardless of how you feel. Skin and fat sags, causing hollows and circles under the eyes. A lower eyelid lift uses a small incision to remove excess skin and fat, and then the skin is elevated. This can make the eyes and face look awake and youthful.

Some people only need an upper or lower eyelid lift, and some people need both. Eyelid lifts are commonly done at the same time as a browlift, cheek lift, midface lift or facelift. Dr. Linkov has created exceptional results for patients desiring eyelid lifts, giving their eyes and face a natural, revitalized appearance.

To learn more about eyelid lifts, contact our office on the Upper East Side to schedule a consultation to find out if this is the right procedure for you.


Dr. Linkov is an artistic and skilled doctor. He made me look and feel younger and more confident. He is friendly and warm. Responded to my phone calls and addressed all of my concerns immediately. My experience with his staff was very pleasant. There was no waiting time for the appointments. I greatly recommend Dr. Linkov.
Inna C

Page Updated on Apr 28, 2021 by Dr. Gary Linkov  (Facial Plastic Surgeon) of  City Facial Plastics in New York.
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