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Adolescent & Teen Rhinoplasty

While few cosmetic surgeries are recommended for teens or adolescents, rhinoplasty is one of the procedures that is often performed for this age group. The nose is a facial feature that has tremendous impact on the aesthetics of the face. For teens that are self-conscious of their nose size or shape, rhinoplasty is an option to help them feel more confident in their appearance. Dr. Gary Linkov is the best facial plastic surgeon who understands the plight of teens who desire a new look for their nose and can help them achieve the desired result.

Page Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The nose is a defining feature of the face and maybe distracting if it is too large or misshapen. Teens and adolescents that are concerned with the shape or size of their nose may lack confidence in their appearance. A rhinoplasty makes the alterations needed to create a harmony of the facial features, improving the overall appearance and a teen’s self-confidence. This can be a rewarding experience if it is done for the right reasons and proper consideration is given by both the teen and their parents.

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Is Rhinoplasty Right for My Teenager?

Any type of cosmetic surgery is a major decision. For teens and their parents, it is vital to consider all the aspects of undergoing rhinoplasty. This includes ensuring the nose has stopped growing, which can be as young as 13-14 for girls or 16 or older for boys. At our plastic surgery center in NYC, Dr. Linkov has spent many years helping his patients improve their appearance, and he always offers his honest recommendations for any procedure. He takes the time to meet and discuss the pros and cons of teen rhinoplasty with both the parents and child. Dr. Linkov, MD will help determine whether it is the right procedure at the right time for each circumstance.

If you are considering teen rhinoplasty, you want to ensure you have the top facial plastic surgeon for the procedure. Take the time to view the before and after results from our past rhinoplasty patients on our website. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Linkov today.


Dr Linkov performed surgery on my nose in December 2019. His professional demeanor, highly skilled, confident, and detailed knowledge of such a precision demanding craft left me in a state of awesomeness! I trust this Gentle Doctor and highly recommend him to anyone who is considering any of the services that his practice provides!
Horace Dailey

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