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Saddle Nose Repair

When the cartilage that supports the bridge of your nose is damaged, it can collapse, causing a depression on your bridge. This is a common occurrence that is referred to as a “saddle nose.” This is since the depression resembles a saddle from a profile view. The bridge can sway downward and project the tip of the nose up. Not only does this create an undesirable shape, it can impact breathing function. Dr. Gary Linkov can repair saddle nose deformities, restoring form and function to the nose at City Facial Plastics in Manhattan.

Page Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Saddle nose deformities are caused by a few different issues. Trauma or repeated impact is often the culprit. This formation has also been called a “boxer’s nose,” as people in this sport are prone to broken nasal bones and cartilage. Other causes of saddle nose deformities include previous rhinoplasty surgery, congenital weakness or damage from inhaling drugs (cocaine) through the nose. Whatever the cause, repairing saddle nose deformities require complex surgery to ensure the nose shape is restored for function and aesthetic purposes.

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Reshaping a Boxer’s Nose

Dr. Linkov is an experienced facial plastic surgeon with the skills and talent needed for complex rhinoplasty procedures. With a saddle nose repair, the nasal bridge must be reconstructed using cartilage grafts and other techniques to open the airways and reform the nose shape. Dr. Linkov works closely with his patients to ensure he fixes both the functional aspect of their boxer’s nose and creates the new shape they desire.

If a saddle nose defect is affecting your breathing, sinuses, or appearance, contact City Facial Plastics in NYC today. We will schedule a consultation with Dr. Linkov to discuss your options for repairing the damage to your bridge and reshaping your nose.


Dr Linkov performed surgery on my nose in December 2019. His professional demeanor, highly skilled, confident, and detailed knowledge of such a precision demanding craft left me in a state of awesomeness! I trust this Gentle Doctor and highly recommend him to anyone who is considering any of the services that his practice provides!

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