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Fat deposits under the chin diminish the definition of the chin and jawline. Often, chin fat, or a “double chin,” forms even when an individual is height/weight proportionate, making it difficult to eliminate. While liposuction can be used to quickly reduce chin fat, it does require surgical incisions. Another cosmetic option we offer at City Facial Plastics is Kybella® injections for submental fat reduction.

Page Updated: Aug 23, 2021

When fat accumulates under the chin, it changes the overall appearance of the face. For women, it can make their face, jowls and neck look older and heavier. For men, a double chin diminishes a masculine jawline and can also make the face look aged. Slimming under the chin and neck can improve the profile and create a youthful appearance for both genders.

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How Does Kybella® Work?

Kybella® is FDA-approved to treat submental fat under the chin. The active ingredient is a synthetic deoxycholic acid, which attacks fat cells, damaging the cell. As the damaged cells are reabsorbed by the body, the chin area shrinks. The slimming effect occurs over the weeks following treatment. Some patients may require a few treatments spaced about a month apart to achieve the desired result.

What is remarkable about Kybella® injections is how safe and effective they are for targeted fat loss. Besides side effects from the injection process, like swelling or slight bruising, Kybella® typically does not have any negative side effects for patients. The treatment is completed in a quick office visit.

If you have a double chin and want a non-invasive option to slim your chin and neck, consider Kybella® injections. Contact City Facial Plastics in Manhattan to schedule a consultation to discuss the benefits of Kybella® injections and any of our other cosmetic treatments.


Very thorough work! Dr. Linkov explained my procedure very carefully and always had the patient in mind. I felt as if the experience was personalized to my needs and he created the exact look that I desired. Highly recommend.
Haley Abbott

Page Updated on Aug 23, 2021 by Dr. Gary Linkov  (Facial Plastic Surgeon) of  City Facial Plastics in New York.
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